Posted by: RM | May 29, 2009

Going Live

Welcome to this new blog which aims to provide a commentary on issues of property law as and when they arise. I hope to be able to provide regular updates although the success of this endeavour will no doubt fluctuate with the varying demands of my work! You will see that despite this being a new blog, there are some preceding posts. These are copied from an earlier blog of mine which is no longer in existence. Whilst the dates of publication of the posts are recent, the posts were originally written and published in 2008, hence the rather dated nature of the subject matter. Going forward this blog will concentrate on discussion of current developments in the broad field of property law but will also address interesting, although not necessarily new issues relating to property law as and when they occur to me.


  1. Hi Rowena! 🙂

    Welcome back to the Ether – and thanks for the mention on your blogroll ( will add you back in kind). I look forward to reading of your thoughts with respect to property law with considerable interest!

  2. Thanks Minxy! Nice to be back, albeit “uncloaked”, so to speak…

  3. Aha, I thought the picture looked familiar.

    Welcome back, and how delighted am I to find it is with a property law blog…

    Linkage going up.

  4. Welcome to the Blawgosphere!

  5. NL, well thank you! I’m glad you approve of the “genre” of the blog – strangely, property law is my passion! Thanks for putting up a link…

    Carl, thank you – it is, in fact, a “re-welcome”, but that’s another story…

  6. Good luck with the new blog. Thanks for the mention on your blogroll. Will reciprocate.


  7. Tessa, thank you – very much appreciated… RM

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